Brent Trautman

Brent Trautman is currently a Corporal assigned to the Special Operations Division with his department. He has over 17 years of state level law enforcement experience, 15 years as a state certified police instructor and is currently a certified firearms instructor. Cpl. Trautman is the co-founder of his department’s Tactical Response Team (TRT) and currently serves as the assistant team leader. His responsibilities include; coordinating and developing training of new and operational members, researching equipment, and planning and execution of a variety of tactical missions. His specialties include woodland tactical operations, visual tracking, maritime tactical operations and search and rescue.

During his tenure with his department, Cpl. Trautman and his Sergeant have been responsible for developing and implementing tactically based training for all officers in their department which has increased officer safety and created a more realistic training environment. He was also a key developer of the agency’s active shooter program. When tasked by command staff to standardize the agencies ASR he attended numerous active shooter trainings and researched the most current and best practices. Cpl Trautman is one of the lead Active Shooter Instructors for his agency and has instructed a number of allied agencies and civilians in responding to an active shooter threat. In addition to active shooter training, Cpl Trautman is an accomplished instructor who has taught both patrol and senior tactical operators from around the country in a variety of specialized tactical operations.