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Each member of Bri-Bet Security Solutions (Bri-Bet) Marine Security Services’s management and staff, possess superior personal commitment and dedication to provide professional protective services to all of our clients.

Bri-Bet’s staff consists of a highly trained and efficient protection force. Bri-Bet only employs the most qualified security professionals in the industry by selecting individuals who are current or former Federal, State and local certified law enforcement officers, or who possess law enforcement or security experience in a branch of the military, or possess an extensive background in the corporate security and executive protection fields.

This ensures Bri-Bet’s Security Protection Officers possess the training, knowledge and experience our client’s expect and deserve.   


The Chesapeake Bay is home to some of the largest shipping companies and port operations in continental United States. The Chesapeake Bay is also a large hub for industries involved in building, operating, managing and owning of private boats and luxury yachts, which means security is always a premium concern. Whether its monitoring ships in port, providing water- side security to vessels or property, or assisting Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies with homeland security missions, Bri-Bet’s Maritime Security Services is capable of meeting the needs of our maritime customers by providing reliable security solutions in a cost- efficient manner.  


Bri-Bet is the only private security company in the Chesapeake Bay region to provide private marine security services. Bri-Bet’s Marine Security Services’s Security Protection Officers (MSPO’s) are an example of the highly trained and specialized officers Bri-Bet offers our clients.

Each MSPO is a current or former member of at least one of the following agencies: Coast Guard, Navy, Department of Natural Resources Police, or local law enforcement Marine Units and each MSPO is a fully trained and experienced Marine Patrol Officer.

Each MSPO has completed a multitude of marine-related courses and training at various academies including the Maryland Natural Resources Police Academy. All have received courses of instruction including: US Coast Guard Boarding School, F.L.T.C. Marine Training, Basic and Advanced Boat Accident Reconstruction, and Tactical Boat Operators.  

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Bri-Bet’s Maritime Security Services include:


Bri-Bet is more than a security company – our leadership promotes excellence, reliability and peace of mind. Serious security challenges are met with capable security services and Bri-Bet is ready to preserve life and property, and ensure daily continuity with minimal disruptions and optimal effectiveness.

Those who select Bri-Bet choose a proven system of management, advanced technology and state-of-the-art control and reporting systems. Our security expertise gives you the perfect program for a secure environment. Our Security and Protection Officers are hand-selected to meet our client’s specific needs. 


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