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Greetings From The CEO

As Bri-Bet passes through to our next decade, we thought we’d put a spit shine on our social media presence. These initiatives include greater public service ads on Facebook and LinkedIn and an updated website. So, before you click away, relax, you’ve found us!

We just look a little bit different and we hope you like the new look. Now because we are security specialists, we had to call on website specialists Trackable Response to help us out. Rob Dickson and his staff have been along on our journey for nearly ten years and we are grateful for the business relationship. What you see here is their work!

Drop into your FAVORITES today.  No need to keep the old ones as they will be deactivated. 

We are re-focusing on our original business premise to bring customized security solutions for all our valued clients. We also want this website to better engage our tremendous employees with an “EMPLOYEE ONLY” secure access portal for all things important to our most valuable company asset: professional security guards.

Our world changed September 11, 2001. The unfortunate reality is not knowing when similar incidents may be upon us. Playgrounds, schools, stadiums, churches, government buildings, concert arenas, hotels, airports…..all places we once felt so safe now require extra attention and vigilance.

We help our clients maintain and sustain operations and provide safety to your workforce. We coordinate with high-profile event management corporations to ensure special events can continue incident-free despite being potentially soft targets for those who may choose to interrupt them and hurt people. We deploy teams to real-world incidents to restore order and preserve crime scenes. This is why we are in business. And we take it seriously.

We like to promote the good work our hundreds of employees do every day. We like to announce contract wins to demonstrate our growth and customer confidence in our work and help our employees work with confidence for our viable company. Sometimes, embargos and public disclosure restrictions don’t allow us to do that. For the world of highly visible security services we provide, there are also those contracts we support “behind the scenes” due to security interests and mandates.  

Predictable security is compromised security. We are perfectly content to safeguard your client facilities and employees with or without notoriety. And we are proud of our “clients for life” philosophy.

Our streamlined website has been developed to achieve three objectives: increase traffic through a single URL for better SEO; make it easier for potential clients to do business with us; and keeping our employees informed. An additional benefit is to our personnel initiative to hire the absolute best trained and experienced security guards in the industry. This sets us apart from our competitors. For those interested in joining our family-owned business, see the “CONTACT US” Page for easy resume upload instructions.

When Beth, Andy and I started the company 13 years ago, the road was bumpy at times – not uncommon for startups. We strive to improve every day and never lose sight of our client needs. We have increased our revenue each year for 11 consecutive years. This is a direct reflection in the quality of our services and support and clients recognizing the need for those services.

We hope you like the new look. Drop us some feedback. We’d love to hear from you. For now, browse away……….

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