Bri-Bet Security Solutions understands that having the right security partner in place when an emergency or disaster strikes is crucial to any company’s core operation. “Bri-Bet Security Solutions is the right security partner!”

Bri-Bet’s security management staff consists of veteran law enforcement, military and security professionals who provide efficient deployment of personnel and effective coordination in support of facilitating rapid response when and where required throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Bri-Bet will help ensure your security needs are met. When Bri-Bet gets the call, our management staff will assess the situation and deploy the appropriately trained personnel who have worked in environments oftentimes considered “challenging” at best.

Recognize that, with the right plan and partner, your business can weather an emergency or disaster. Let us help you to see the opportunities that exist in the challenge of securing your world.

Bri-Bet’s Security Personnel is available for Emergency Response before, during and after Hurricane Irene sweeps through. Whether its a commercial location or residential location, Bri-Bet’s security team will be there!


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