Thank you for considering Bri-Bet Security Solutions (Bri-Bet) for your Gaming and Lodging security needs. Bri-Bet’s approach to security in the gaming and lodging fields is simple; utilize overt and covert security measures to reduce client liability and help ensure guests return in the future.

Each hotel, resort, restaurant and gaming facility has the responsibility to maintain a safe environment for their guests. It’s good business practice. It is also generally recognized throughout the hospitality industry that guests and players who feel safe and secure are more likely to relax, have a good time, spend money and most importantly, return in the future.

Bri-Bet’s Gaming and Lodging Security Division was created to help clients reduce liability costs, provide security and promote peace of mind.


Bri-Bet does not think along traditional security lines. Bri-Bet is a law enforcement officer owned and operated company whose management and administrative staff possess a minimum of 20 years’ experience in their respective fields. Bri-Bet is a higher end security firm whose staff are experts in their fields. What sets Bri-Bet apart from conventional security companies is; our staff is made up of current Federal, State and Local law enforcement officers in good standing who possess a minimum of five years’ experience and have SWAT and tactical backgrounds, or are veterans with military leadership experience with specialized/special operations backgrounds. Bri-Bet’s dignitary protection staff are all veterans in their field with overseas high value/high threat protective services experience and are all currently foreign deployment capable. Bri-Bet ensures our staff possesses the training, knowledge and experience our client’s expect and deserve.

Bri-Bet’s Gaming and Lodging Division possess executive law enforcement leadership experience and are capable of designing, organizing and implementing a progressive state of the art security program. We develop proactive security procedures and overt threat assessment and counter measures to protect high value assets and personnel. Bri-bet believes compromise is not an option and only utilizes the best resources and select staff to protect our clients. Most importantly, Bri-Bet’s Special Gaming and Lodging Division’s management and staff possess a superior personal commitment and true dedication to provide professional protective services to all of our clients.

Please take a moment to review the About Us page to examine the credentials of our leadership team and feel free to contact us personally regarding any of your service’s needs.


Bri-Bet will meet all the needs of our clients and strives to provide reliable security solutions that achieve our client’s goals in a cost-efficient manner.


  • Facilities Protection
  • Technological Security – Biometrics, CCTV, Video Analytics, Access Control, etc.
  • Exercise, Drill, Controller Planning and Implementation
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Counter-measure Exercises
  • Development of Written Policies, Protocol and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Security Force Logistical Support
  • K-9, Bike Patrol Services and Support
  • High Value and Dignitary Protection Services


Those who select Bri-Bet choose a proven system of management, advanced technology and state-of-the-art control and reporting systems. Our security expertise gives you the perfect program for a secure environment and our hand-selected staff ensures our client’s specific needs are met.

For consulting inquiries, please call 443.278.4477.

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