The Baltimore/Washington, DC Metropolitan region accommodates a multitude of government contracting companies/entities who maintain Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) within their establishments. Each company/entity must endure a thorough clearance process and upon being “cleared” and issued a Facility Security Clearance (FCL), the company/entity must adhere to instituted SCIF-specific guidelines.

Bri-Bet Security Solutions (Bri-Bet) fully understands DoD Directive 5220.22-M, National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual, Section 9 (Intrusion Detection Systems), § 5-903 (Investigative Response to Alarms), which states: all Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF’s), must have a properly trained response force capable of responding to a SCIF alarm and provide the appropriate response(s) to those situations, which may pose a threat to the security of the SCIF. Bri-Bet further understands the directive requires the response force be on-site within 15 minutes of the initial alarm activation.

To meet and exceed compliance with the stringent requirements within the guidelines of the directives, Bri-Bet has created a SCIF Alarm Response Division, which provides professional and highly trained security personnel who provide quick and proficient emergency response.

Bri-Bet has rapidly become a leading SCIF security alarm response provider in the Baltimore/Washington DC region. Bri-Bet provides innovative, cost-effective security solutions to help ensure the safety and security of U.S. Government assets and government contracting companies in the region.

Bri-Bet’s SCIF Alarm Response personnel are highly trained and possess security clearances necessary to operate as an efficient protection force. Bri-Bet only employs the most qualified security professionals in the industry. Bri-Bet selects current or retired federal, state, and local certified police officers and federal agents and military personnel who have been hand-picked and possess specialized special operations backgrounds. Bri-Bet is also proud to say that it is one of the first security companies in the region to utilize the talents of our military’s Wounded Warriors to help ensure our client’s protection.

Overall, Bri-Bet’s vast client base receives the highest trained, qualified, and vetted security response by a Response Force who possess the training, knowledge and experience our client’s expect and deserve.

Bri-Bet offers a variety of other Government Services including:

  • Armed/Unarmed Protective Services
  • Cleared (SSB/TS)/Non-Cleared Personnel
  • Patrol and Emergency Response Services
  • K-9 Bomb Detection Services
  • Bike Patrols
  • EMT/First Responders
  • Security Console Operations
  • Transportation Safety & Security
  • Special Event Security Services
  • Access Control and Visitor Escort Services
  • Active Shooter/Active Threat/workplace training and response.
  • Facility Security Consultation and Assessments

For SCIF Alarm Response inquiries, contact Bri-Bet at (443) 278-4477.

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