Each member of Bri-Bet Security Solutions (Bri-Bet) management and staff, possess a superior personal commitment and dedication to provide professional security solutions to all of our clients.

Bri-Bet offers our clients a broad range of knowledge, training and experience from top law enforcement and security experts. The skills Bri-Bet’s experts provide help avert or minimize problems before they arise and allow Bri-Bet’s clients to make key business decisions accordingly.


In today’s competitive global enterprise, information and knowledge are the drivers to mitigating risk in all facets of the business and Bri-Bet’s offers the following assessment and consulting services:

Due diligence related to individuals, organizations and issues Personal protection and threat assessments Security vulnerability and risk assessments Intellectual property protection Litigation support and expert witness testimony Travel security and logistics management Secure Transportation of Executives and Business Travelers


A Risk Assessment conducted by Bri-Bet includes:  Site Visit & Assessment, Site Photography and Mapping, Interview of Key Staff, Inventory of Existing Security Systems, Mail, Package and Delivery Procedures, Risk Analysis and Crime Statistics through available databases including those from Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies.


Bri-Bet will:  Identify Foreseeable Weaknesses and Threats, Recommend Standard Operating Procedures, Update or Recommend Physical Security Measures, Update or Recommend Technology and Update or Provide an Implementation Schedule.

All of these capabilities and services are built around the core concept that a close and candid partnership between Bri-Bet and its clients produces the most effective outcomes.

With each client, Bri-Bet forges a team of the most experienced individuals appropriate to the situation and the client’s needs. This team might be composed of experienced corporate security management, law enforcement, and professionals from other specialized fields, as required. The team’s capabilities are augmented by state-of-the-art processes and systems that make Bri-Bet’s Consulting Practice unequalled.

For consulting inquiries, please call 443.278.4477.