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Off-Season Vacation Home Security

Owning a vacation home is a dream to many.  But, it can also be a nightmare if not properly monitored during the off-season when nobody is at the home. 

Sure, you may have a security alarm system, but depending on whether the home is a Summer or Winter home, many issues can arise that a security alarm system can’t report.  This includes: structural damage due to weather events, pipes freezing or breaking or criminal theft or vandalism. 

Bri-Bet’s Off-Season Vacation Home Security services, helps to eliminate some of the worry. 

Bri-Bet provides current and retired law enforcement and military personnel to conduct daily, weekly or monthly checks of your vacation home. 

Bri-Bet’s Security staff will conduct a check of your vacation home and report: 


Those who select Bri-Bet choose a proven system of management, advanced technology and state-of-the-art control and reporting systems. 

Our security experts will design the perfect security program to help mitigate damage and ensure our client’s security needs are met at every level. 

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