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Full-Service Provider Of Security And Risk Mitigation Services In Mid Atlantic Region

Our physical security includes SCIF Alarm Response, “Boots on the Ground” security officer/protection and executive protection. Bri-Bet is ideally suited for major event security (athletic events, conferences and trade shows, galas, races, boat shows, etc…) and emergency support/crime scene protection services deploying ASAP within minutes of a request.

We have built solid business relationships over the years and remain focused on our “client for life” philosophy. 

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Mid Atlantic Region’s Number One Law Enforcement And Security Solutions Company
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Mid Atlantic region’s Number One Law Enforcement And Security Solutions company

Bri-Bet offers experienced and professional armed/unarmed off duty police security and executive protection services. and continue to aggressively reinforce our position as the Mid Atlantic region’s “Number One” Law Enforcement and Security Solutions company

Our Solutions Are Your Security!

We've Been Protecting Maryland And Virginia Since 2009. Experience the Guardian Difference Today.


Years In Business

Dedicated emergency support professionals, equipped to swiftly respond, provide expert assistance in critical situations, ensuring safety and security.


Satisfied Clients

Having served more than 200 clients, we’ve earned their trust, delivering exceptional service and fostering lasting partnerships through satisfaction and success.


Experienced Security Professionals

With a team of 150+ seasoned security experts, we provide comprehensive protection, drawing on a wealth of knowledge and skills.

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Commercial and Residential

Bri-Bet’s Commercial and Residential Security team is led by executives who have extensive backgrounds in federal, state and local law enforcement and corporate security.

Our experienced team has managed protection forces during critical incidents and highly volatile environments throughout the United States and around the world and has also managed and responded to serious and minor residential crimes.

Our organization’s experience is equally broad and deep in areas that are important to you as a client when purchasing asset protection services.

highly trained

Security Professionals

Bri-Bet staff consists of a highly trained and efficient protection force. Bri-Bet employs only the most qualified security professionals in the industry by selecting individuals who are current or former federal, state and local certified law enforcement officers, or who have law enforcement or security experience in a branch of the military, or possess extensive backgrounds in the corporate security and executive protection fields.

This ensures Bri-Bet’s security personnel have the training, knowledge and experience our client’s expect and deserve.

emergency management consultations

Emergency Management Preparedness and Assessments

Bri-Bet is your single source for emergency management consultations. In today’s competitive global enterprise, information and knowledge are the drivers to mitigating risk in all facets of the business.

Whether you need a comprehensive assessment of your site’s security measures, a comprehensive review of security procedures, or an evaluation of your emergency response and emergency management program, the Security and Emergency Management consultants at the Bri-Bet Security Solutions will exceed your expectations in assessing and evaluating your existing programs.

They will propose unique, comprehensive solutions to answer the concerns of you and your employees.

mitigating risks

Risk and Threat Assessments

In today’s competitive global enterprise, information and knowledge are the drivers to mitigating risk in all facets of the business and Bri-Bet’s offers comprehensive assessment and consulting services, including due diligence related to individuals, organizations and issues, personal protection and threat assessments, security vulnerability and risk assessments, intellectual property protection, litigation support, expert witness testimony, travel security and logistics management, and secure transportation of executives and business travelers.

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