Tony Maddox

Tony Maddox

Mr. Maddox is employed by a large Mid-Atlantic Police Department where he is currently assigned to the Police Department’s Training Division as a Firearms Instructor.  For the past twenty-seven years, Mr. Maddox has served as a Police Officer, Detective, School Officer and Instructor.  Mr. Maddox has maintained certifications for the past twelve years, both as a classroom and firearms instructor allowing him to teach all classroom topics including firearms.  He is currently certified as an Instructor on various weapons some of which include pistol, shotgun, patrol rifle and Taser.

The instruction and training is provided to all levels of law enforcement including Recruits, In-Service Officers and Officers from other jurisdictions.  Mr. Maddox also serves as the department’s Taser Program Coordinator and is responsible for the training and re-certification of every Taser operator within the department.  He is a veteran in the field of Emergency Medicine with over twenty-nine years’ experience as a certified Emergency Medical Technician.

Mr. Maddox serves as the Police Pistol Range EMT/ Medical Safety Officer where he is responsible for the care and treatment of all injured subjects while at the facility as well as care and maintenance of all first aid supplies, including in-house AED units.  He also serves as one of the evaluators for the department’s practical portion of CPR and First Aid Re-Certification.  Mr. Maddox is a past recipient of the prestigious Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission “Instructor of the Year” award.

Other teaching accomplishments Mr. Maddox has received includes developing, writing and presenting classroom instruction on the following topics: “Responding to Medical Emergencies “, “Police Response to People in Crisis” and Signs and Symptoms of “Excited Delirium.”

Mr. Maddox brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom as well as practical experience to all the classes he offers.  Students will leave his class feeling confident in the skills and abilities necessary to perform in any emergency situation.

Mr. Maddix is also the owner and lead instructor at Pulse-Tech CPR and First Aid Training Solutions.