The Bri-Bet Group Hires Dale Tasker for Bri-Bet Police Supply

Baltimore, MD. (December 1, 2014) – Bri-Bet Police Supply, a division of woman-owned, Baltimore, Maryland based the Bri-Bet Group, is pleased to announce it has hired Dale Tasker to serve as Sales Development Assistant for Bri-Bet Police Supply.

The Bri-Bet Group is proud to announce the recent hiring of Dale Tasker to Sales Development Assistant for Bri-Bet Police Supply.  Mr. Tasker has studied graphic arts at the Baltimore County Community College and brings to Bri-Bet youthful enthusiasm needed to bring a new edge to Bri-Bet’s new Police Supply website.

“Bri-Bet is very excited to bring Mr. Tasker to Bri-Bet Police Supply.  Mr. Tasker is young and full of energy and his creative abilities are exactly what Police Supply needs during its major transition from its antiquated E-commerce platform,” stated Brian Kunkel, President and CEO of the Bri-Bet Group.  “Mr. Tasker is now positioned to utilize his creative talents to help Police Supply’s website continue to grow in popularity and gain a larger customer following on social media.  He will definitely play a vital role in Police Supply’s reemergence and I’m very excited for him and for Bri-Bet.”

About Bri-Bet Police Supply:

Founded in early 2010 and based in Baltimore, Maryland, Bri-Bet Police Supply is a rapidly growing Woman-Owned and Law Enforcement Officer owned company, whose mission is to be a leader in the provision of public safety, corrections and security, EMS and fire apparel and equipment.  For more information about this and other news concerning Bri-Bet Police Supply, please visit

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