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Maryland’s Cannabis Industry has finally launched and Bri-Bet is at the forefront of the Security Industry, providing Security Solutions to Growers, Processors and Dispensary clients. Bri-Bet is a full-service security provider and offers a complete suite of security services to meet all of our client’s security needs.

Our security experts fully understand that no matter how unassuming a Cannabis business’s location may seem; it will always be a target. Bri-Bet security experts firmly believe the Cannabis Industry’s viability is directly tied to effective security measures and Bri-Bet is prepared to help its clients meet those critical security needs by offering the following security services: 

Security Officer Services:

Bri-Bet provides the highest trained, qualified and vetted Security Officers in Cannabis Industry. Bri-Bet only utilizes the talents of current, former and retired law enforcement and military personnel for all Cannabis Industry Security Officer services. This ensures our clients receive security personnel who possess the training, knowledge and experience to manage a critical incident when it occurs, yet provide friendly, professional customer service during less eventful times.

Physical Security:

Bri-Bet provides physical security solutions to meet all of our client’s physical security needs. Bri-Bet has partnered with some of the region’s best physical security vendors and our team of security experts provide physical security products and services including:

Electronic Security:

Bri-Bet provides its clients with a host of electronic security needs. Bri-Bet has partnered with some of the best electronic security companies in the region. Our capabilities include providing selection and installation of:

Emergency Preparedness Consultation and Training:

Bri-Bet provides some of the best Emergency Preparedness Consultants in the Industry. Our Emergency Preparedness staff consists of leading experts in the field. We can also help your management team prepare for an emergency event, which allows for quicker recovery time after the event. 

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Cannabis Transport Services:

Bri-Bet provides its clients with a professional and safe cannabis transport services.

Bri-Bet’s Transport Officers are current, former and retired law enforcement and military personnel, who have served on Protective Services Details and are experts in ensuring the “package” is delivered safely. Bri-Bet utilizes discreet, trackable and armored vehicles to move product and cash from place to place safely. This is essential for the Cannabis Industry as transportation of any product is vulnerable time.

Oftentimes, cannabis growers, processors and dispensaries owners use their employees or other internal resources to transport cannabis within state boundaries. Bri-Bet feels this not only increases their liability, but also increases the risk to their staff. A carjacking, holdup or auto burglary can happen in seconds and thieves can quickly steal thousands of dollars in cash or product before law enforcement can arrive on the scene. Is your staff trained and prepared to react to this situation? All of Bri-Bet’s Transport Officers are trained in Transport Security and can offer a level of security that untrained employees cannot. This ultimately reduces liability to the cannabis employer.

Bri-Bet works within all state laws and regulations and provides secure transport solutions in Maryland.

Our single-source security solution has helped many cannabis business owners operate more safely by providing asset protection during transport of cash and product. 

Bri-Bet offers a variety of other Security Services including:

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