Bri-Bet Security Solution’s (Bri-Bet) K-9 Security Services, provides the private sector with fully trained and certified canine handlers and canines that are trained in patrol, tracking, drug detection and firearms detection and each of Bri-Bet’s canine handlers are current or former law enforcement officers.


Police and Security Canine teams serve many functions in the field. They serve as a deterrent to crime, provide protection to the handler and the client’s they serve, and provide detection services. Bri-Bet Provides two types of canine Services: Patrol and Detection.


Bri-Bet’s Patrol Canines serve as an active deterrent to crime in high traffic areas and can be utilized in all serious situations such as riot control or civil disturbances. They can also be utilized in calmer situations such as aiding in crime prevention at malls, shopping centers, school functions, parades, festivals and large social gatherings. Because of the intensive training and socialization each of Bri-Bet’s Patrol Canines receives, Bri-Bet’s Patrol Canines are capable of being deployed anywhere, anytime and for any situation.


Bri-Bet’s Detection Canines provide a vital service in the detection of contraband. Since domestic and foreign terrorism has increased abroad, the demand for detection canines has increased dramatically. Bri-Bet’s Detection Canines are routinely utilized to search large facilities such as schools, construction sites, warehouses, oil refineries, government buildings, and storage areas. However, searches are equally effective in more confined areas such as aircraft, ships, automobiles, and lockers.

A positive canine alert; whether active or passive, establishes probable cause for management to request a search of the indicated location or area. Inspections can create an ideal deterrent to the on-the-job abuse of the illicit substances and quickly identify violators of company policy.


Bri-Bet’s active and passive alert trained German Sheppards and Belgian Malinois are trained to detect the following:

  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Opium
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Ammunition
  • Firearms


Bri-Bet’s Canine Team Handlers ensure all searches are conducted in a professional and courteous manner. Our teams perform searches as quickly as possible and they always work in a manner that is as non-disruptive as possible.


Bri-Bet’s Canine Teams receive daily in-service training and are current on all applicable certifications. Our Patrol Canine Teams recertify annually and our Detection Canine Teams recertify semi-annually. The training each team receives ensures each team member is keenly aware of current illicit drugs of choice, their method of use, paraphernalia, and effects. Our Teams are available to assist management nationally.

For Canine Security inquiries, please call 443.278.4477.

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