Bri-Bet is pleased to announce new, all-digital IP video surveillance solutions for small and medium sized businesses. These components have been selected by our own security products specialist who has 15 years in this field, constantly stays up-to-date with seminars and certifications, and is also a professional digital video surveillance/access control educator.

We know there are many video camera and recorder options on the market, but we are compelled to offer our customers only the finest solutions available.

We have leveraged our partnerships to make state-of-the-art, high quality video surveillance systems available to you at competitive prices.

We recognize that you do not want to sort through the low-priced, bottom-of-the-barrel analog systems which can only deliver D1 resolution from analog cameras and poorly featured DVRs. We have put together several customizable packages for you which start at very, very reasonable prices.

Now your small business can have an all-digital system which is capable of resolutions of 1280×800! That’s better than 720p HD! Analog systems can only do D1 which is 720×468. Why record anything if the image isn’t worth viewing?

We have two exciting new package choices to begin with…

Option One:

Your new digital, IP camera system can run with or WITHOUT a central recorder- saving you time and money.


  • You can view images on the PC you already use.
  • No large equipment to rack or shelve
  • Reduced installation time and cost


Option Two:

For even more options and control, you can select a package that includes a power yet small network video recorder (NVR). This NVR will store your video and make it available via the internet and/or to your wireless devices if desired.


  • Dedicated storage
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Advanced search options
  • Access via the internet
  • Access via wireless devices

The small business can now have all the features of a professional video surveillance system like the ones used by large companies.

Upgrades can include:

  • Cameras with additional features
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Covert (hidden) cameras
  • Additional storage
  • Intelligent video analytics
  • and much more…


Security is on everyone’s minds these days and intelligent people know they need to protect their interests. Bri-Bet offers a wide array of integrated products that include: (CCTV) security cameras, access control devices, wired and wireless security products and much more. Bri-Bet’s trained security professionals have all of the security products you need. We specialize in personalized consultation to fit your system to your specific site challenges.

Contact Bri-Bet today and let our the security products and solutions answer your security needs.

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