Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell – Director, Security Solutions

Mr. Campbell joined Bri-Bet in 2016 as a Sales Consultant for the E-commerce Division. With 15 years’ experience in sales and customer service, he helped E-Commerce sales increase significantly in his first year.

In 2018, Mr. Campbell moved to Bri-Bet’s Security Solution’s Division managing scheduling duties for all security accounts. His success led to his appointment as Director of Security Solutions. Since that time, Mr. Campbell has developed an efficient scheduling program, enabling Security Solutions to streamline employee work hours and reduce employee overtime.

Mr. Campbell graduated from Towson University in 2007 with a B.S. in Electronic Media and Film. In his spare time, Mr. Campbell is an avid hunter and fisherman. He is also a member of the Old Post Rifle and Pistol team and excels in many different shooting sports.

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