Bri-Bet Police Supply Launches New Police Supply Website

Baltimore, MD (January 1, 2015) – Bri-Bet Police Supply, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baltimore, Maryland based Bri-Bet Security Solutions, L.L.C., is pleased to announce its new Police Supply website.

Bri-Bet Police Supply, a rapidly expanding e-commerce law enforcement, security, military and sportsman equipment and supply company, is proud to announce the launch of its new Police Supply website.  According to Brian Kunkel, Bri-Bet Group’s President & CEO, the new website and brand refresh are closely aligned with the company’s strategic vision for growth and expansion over the next decade and beyond.

“Bri-Bet is listening and wants to continue to build one-on-one relationships with our Police Supply customers,” says Kunkel.  “This is why we’ve moved to a new shopping cart system and new look website.  We are an old-fashioned company with core values, but we recognize the importance of adapting to new and innovative ways of doing business.”

The new Bri-Bet Police Supply website offers a clean, modern design that is easy to navigate and provides for better overall functionality.  The new website enables customers to quickly and easily order products from a broad range of manufacturers and categories that fit our customer’s needs.  Those categories include Patrol Unit products, K-9 Unit products, Motorcycle Unit products, SWAT and Tactical Unit products and even Equine Unit products.

For the non-law enforcement or military customer, Bri-Bet Police Supply has added new product lines from manufacturers who focus on the needs of sportsman.  Some of the new manufacturers Bri-Bet Police Supply has added include Bushnell, Condor Outdoor, Inforce, Kershaw Knives and Under Armour.

“This new website does not in any way replace direct, responsive customer service.  In fact, we feel it enhances customer service through ease of use and better product selection.  With the new shopping cart system, Bri-Bet Police Supply will be able to download in excess of a couple million products, far exceeding the capabilities of the older system,” states Kunkel.

“This is a very exciting time for the Bri-Bet Group and specifically Bri-Bet Police Supply,” adds Kunkel.  “We’ve worked very hard over the years to keep our customers happy and enjoy the “customer for life ethos.”  With this new shopping cart, brand refresh and addition of new manufacturers and product lines, we can certainly maintain that philosophy.

About Bri-Bet Police Supply:

Founded in early 2010 and based in Baltimore, Maryland, Bri-Bet Police Supply is a rapidly growing Woman-Owned and Law Enforcement Officer owned company, whose mission is to be a leader in the provision of public safety, corrections and security, EMS and fire apparel and equipment.  For more information about this and other news concerning Bri-Bet Police Supply, please visit

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