Bri-Bet Security Solutions

Bri-Bet Security Solutions saddled up and headed north to Elkton, MD., providing security for a an equestrian competition featuring dressage, cross country and show jumping.
This was not just any horse event and it was no ordinary security challenge. The world-class event over four days, traversed the pristine and bucolic 5,000 plus acres of the Fair Hill Special
Event Zone. One of only two 5 Star events in the United States, and seventh worldwide, the prestigious 5 Star (CCI5*) designation is the pinnacle of the sport of Eventing, best described as an equestrian triathlon.

Bri-Bet flexed its muscles to ensure a safe and incident–free outing for patrons, VIPs, volunteers, vendors, riders, grooms, owners and the real stars…the horses. “This client really pushed our company to deliver in an extremely challenging environment, said Brian Kunkel, CEO. The expansive grounds stretched our resources considerably,’ he added.

Further complicating matters, Bri-Bet had a second large event happening at the same time 60 miles south in Annapolis.

“Truth be told, I didn’t sleep well as both events drew closer. Fortunately, and as they always do, our outstanding security guards and staff rallied together making the Maryland Five Star a
crowning achievement in our company’s 13-year history,” said Kunkel.

“More and more, event promoters are seeing our professionalism and flexibility and are calling on Bri-Bet to ensure their events are safe and secure,” said Kunkel. “Much of the work is developing custom risk and security assessments, crafting a supportability strategy, and then calling on our fantastic staff to support these special events,” he added.

This is the second security contract between Bri-Bet and the Maryland Sport and Entertainment Corporation. “They and their leadership group headed by Terry (Hasseltine) have been
excellent to work with and we hope they’ll look to us for future security needs,” added Kunkel.

“I know one thing, I’m definitely coming back here next year,” said Bri-Bet employee Jaret Ortega who became a media darling and friend to competitors from his post and exuberant antics outside the main arena at Fair Hill. Remarkably, champion rider Tim Price extended an invite for Ortega to travel to England for a future competition.

“I want to thank Bri-Bet Security for the good job working security for our horses to be well, wrote Jean—Louis Stauffer, owner of the New Zealand champion horse Coup de Coeur Dudevin to Bri-Bet ‘s Stable Security Team Leader. All of the staff around our horses made positive contributions, he said.”